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Jul. 2nd, 2008


I'll miss:  always deleting your number, everything always working out perfectly, our foolproof plans, chatting with the homeless, getting kicked out of that hotel, THRIFTING ADVENTURES, the nude escapades, just showing up at your house, late nights, early mornings,  Getting locked outside, your undies!, falling asleep in someone else's house, Being "the most beautiful young couple" LOL, Sleeping under your covers :], "healthy" dinners, cartoons, figuring out what to wear, joyrides, Running back from mike's house, almost getting run-over while attempting to cross US1, late gifts, how everything you buy me miraculously looks amazing on me, toast, the bonfire, begging for a ride, Watching the sunrise !, passing out on the roof while watching the sunrise, pssing out, passing out, passing out..., the Hilton, stuffing my face with mints, not remembering anything, Holding hands to keep the uggies away, THAT VIDEO -_-, leaving everything at your house, incriminating photographs, how nice my hair was,  losing my shoes,  losing my phone, finding everything, finding myself,  sleeping on the floor, never getting home, rude awakenings, Being interrogated, spending an entire week at your house, Getting free shit for being cute, breakfast, Stealing my mother’s car, wind in my hair, Brandon’s bartending skills, crashing, making new friends, key lime pie, late night cravings, putting metal in the microwave, spending the night in the park, MIKEY :( , "john knows...", awkward situations, squishing into the car, smoothies, getting frostbite, snowboarding, tanning on the roof, just a few more minutes, your gardener, getting lost, and empty roads.


and so much more :c

ew I'm crying :l

July 2008


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